Firemount Textiles Limited

Firemount Textiles Limited integrated organization which started operation in the year 1987 and had continued to grow till date.

In the past year the group has given birth end numbers of fabrics and jeans

In this growing world of apparels we have adopted the latest technology in producing the fabric and manufacturing jeans, even now when the industrialization has put aside the handcrafted product production, and have maintained the same consistence of work since the very beginning

It’s a matter of heritage and pride what has been done and passion what can be done better

We are starving to protect our territory and its glory, it’s about research and technology into making the best product that can be easily reached to everybody

Its about transferring passion and pride to what we do and in which every single person of the group is involved

We Firemount group strongly believe made in ‘MAURITIUS,

In the end its about making things more efficiently and better to reach out for the perfect BLUE

Corporate vision

Realistic and Attainable our philosophy is simple.

  • Expand Customer Value
  • Increase quality improvements
  • Lower prices
  • Achieve customer satisfaction through consistent quality products, sound technology & a good understanding between us and our customers
  • Increase productivity, maintain quality consistency, responding to customer needs

Market & Customers

  • US Calvin Klein Jean, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Cotton On, Pvh
  • UK Endura
  • France Mise Au Green & Vetir (Gemo), Lee Cooper,Celio, Petit Bateau, Cyrillus, Orchestra
  • S. Africa Guess & Platinum Group, Foschini Group,Markham, Sportscene, Fabiani, Truworths, J. Crew, Capeunion, Queen Park, Cotton On, Exact, Polo Jeans, Due South, Woolworth
  • Austria Concession, Henson & Henson, Big Fashion & Eagle No.7, Zerberus
  • Spain Imanol, Best Bat
  • Denmark Jyden Workwear, Laurie
  • Holland Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein Jeans, WE Fashion, Yaya

Processes involved