CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility
Published on: 12 Nov, 2022

The concept of social responsibility is a fairly recent one in the business world. Awareness about the social responsibility of business organizations is rapidly on the rise and firms are also accepting this concept. Firemount Textile Ltd industry is no exception.

Firemount Textiles Ltd is realizing their responsibility towards various parties associated with them and the environment. However, the ways by which different organization choose to fulfill their social responsibility might be different.

Firemount Textiles Ltd fulfill its responsibility: –

Towards employees:

  • By providing a competitive and challenging work environment to the employee
  • By providing opportunities to the employees to voice their opinion and complaints and have an effective policy for the solution of these complaints
  • Ensuing a safe working environment for the employees

Towards the government:

  • By providing the necessary information to the government as and when required
  • By making payments of due taxes and duties at the proper time
  • By abiding by the laws and regulations of the area in which the industry operates
  • Contributing to the economic through exports

Towards the society:

  • Undertaking community development and area development programs
  • Undertaking charity work for the underprivileged sections of the society
  • By creating job opportunities

Towards environment:

  • Ensuring the purchase of environment-friendly supplies
  • Ensuring a pollution-free process of production
  • Having an efficient system for the disposal of waste
  • Making the products and the process production as environment-friendly as possible
  • Adopting eco-friendly packaging

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